October 9, 2022 Steve Bell

Mixcloud Charts

Have you ever wondered how DJs get to the top of the Mixcloud charts? If you have the time and commitment, then you can do it too, and here is how…

How Mixcloud Charts Work

1. The most common tags on Mixcloud have a chart of their own. So, there’s a Hip Hop chart, a House one, and so on.

Top tip: when you upload a show, tag it with a primary genre to ensure it’s discoverable on the chart rankings!

2. Chart rankings fluctuate based on engagement i.e. how many favourites, shares, and listens (including length of listens) your shows generate.

Top tip: Make sure you promote your shows beyond Mixcloud and tag any featured artists or guests (so they can re-share), as this will boost you up in the charts.

3. Engagement levels are only relevant within the first week of a newly uploaded show. So you will need to keep the momentum up to stay in the chart, after 7 days your show will no longer rank.

Top tip: schedule social media posts in the days following the upload of your show to keep the heat on and drive more listens.

4. Longer listens and external shares influence chart positions more than any other aspect. This is because Mixcloud cares strongly about authentic engagement vs. shallow plays (i.e. fans genuinely wanting to listen to your shows all the way through). Do not go down the root of paying for listens, likes or comments as the  Mixcloud algorithm is aware of this and not benefit your show in any way.

Top tip: You can check how long users are listening to your show with Pro stats via https://www.mixcloud.com/pro/

Finally, you might be wondering what makes your chart position drop. This is because there’s a difference between global and local charts. After 7 days, your show will only display its highest rank on the global chart.

It’s Not The Volume Of Followers

You don’t need hundreds of thousands of followers… you need the right followers

Be Clear, Be Consistent

Imagery, tags and consistency

Slowly, But Surely

Keep uploading regularly and build your tribe

Good luck…


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