January 12, 2024 Steve Bell
Virgin Active

Client Profile: Virgin Active Plymouth

Virgin Active Plymouth, a prominent health club under the Virgin Active brand, sought the expertise of WebKandy for multiple graphic design projects. This case study unfolds the success story of Virgin Active Plymouth, showcasing how their collaboration with WebKandy contributed to the club’s visual appeal, member engagement, and overall success in the competitive health and fitness industry.

Challenge: Elevating Visual Appeal and Member Engagement

Virgin Active Plymouth recognised the need to enhance its visual identity and engage members through effective graphic design. The challenge was to create visually compelling materials that not only attracted new members but also fostered a sense of community and motivation among existing ones.

Solution: WebKandy’s Creative Expertise

WebKandy collaborated with Virgin Active Plymouth to address their challenges:

1. Brand Refinement: WebKandy thoroughly assessed Virgin Active Plymouth’s existing brand elements and proposed refinements to ensure a modern and cohesive visual identity.

2. Visual Collateral Design: WebKandy created various graphic design projects, including posters, banners, digital displays, and promotional materials. These designs aimed to convey the club’s energy, diversity of offerings, and commitment to member well-being.

3. Member Engagement Initiatives: WebKandy worked with Virgin Active Plymouth to develop visually engaging campaigns, challenges, and event promotions to enhance member participation and create a vibrant and inclusive club atmosphere.

4. Consistent Branding: WebKandy ensured consistency in branding across various touchpoints, reinforcing Virgin Active Plymouth’s identity and creating a recognizable and cohesive visual presence.

Outcome: A Visual Transformation and Enhanced Member Experience

The collaboration between Virgin Active Plymouth and WebKandy resulted in significant outcomes:

1. Enhanced Visual Identity: The revamped graphic designs provided Virgin Active Plymouth with a fresh and modern visual identity, resonating with both existing members and potential customers.

2. Increased Member Engagement: The visually appealing collateral and engaging campaigns created by WebKandy contributed to a boost in member engagement. Members felt more connected to the club, fostering a sense of community and motivation.

3. Promotional Success: Graphic design projects, including promotional materials and event campaigns, garnered increased attention, resulting in higher participation rates in classes, challenges, and special events.

4. Consistent Brand Recognition: WebKandy’s focus on consistent branding across all materials ensured that Virgin Active Plymouth’s identity remained strong and cohesive, contributing to brand recognition and loyalty.

The partnership between Virgin Active Plymouth and WebKandy exemplifies the transformative impact of strategic graphic design in the health and fitness industry. By elevating the visual appeal, fostering member engagement, and maintaining a consistent brand presence, Virgin Active Plymouth has solidified its position as a leading health club in the competitive landscape. The success story stands as a testament to the power of creative collaboration in enhancing the overall member experience, creating a vibrant and engaging fitness community, and ensuring the continued success of Virgin Active Plymouth in the health and wellness sector. As the partnership continues to evolve, the visual transformation and positive member engagement are set to propel Virgin Active Plymouth to new heights in the dynamic world of fitness.


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