Chic Flower Designs is an award-winning florist and interior styling company based in Battersea, just a 5-minute drive from London’s internationally renowned New Covent Garden Flower Market and only a 10-minute drive from the city and the west end.

Chic’s Creative Director, Ami Roberts, has over 25 years of extensive experience providing beautiful, unique, quality displays, whether they be Flower designs, Christmas, Prop design, Art or Landscaping.

With the support of her dedicated team, Ami is recognised as a leading florist and creative designer within the Floral, Events and Hotel supply field.

Chic Flower Designs was after a fresh new look, which required an overhaul of its logo, website and brand image.

They wanted an e-commerce website where they could receive nationwide orders for various products.

After extensive market research, our dedicated team focused on a sharp, clean look with a simple logo that was easily recognisable.

We created a sleek e-commerce website allowing customers to browse, navigate and place orders quickly.


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