October 11, 2022 Steve Bell

Back for their second year at the iconic Vic’s Bar on Saturday 22nd October for ADE 2022 with DJ/Producer duo Saison. Contact for FREE guestlist.

DancersHip x ADE 2022
Saturday 22nd October
Vic’s Bar – Park Plaza Victoria Amsterdam 1-5 Damrak 1012 LG Amsterdam Netherlands
Free guestlist at Eventbrite

ADE 2022

Starting on Wednesday 19th of October, DJs, Artists and Record Labels arrive in Amsterdam on their masses for one of Europes biggest dance music events.

DancersHip {Dancers Hip}

UK house music collective DancersHip put on outstanding events across Europe. Last years guests for ADE 2021 saw Alaia & Gallo lift the roof of the Vic Bar, located in Park Plaza Victoria so get ready for much of the same with this years special guests Saison!

  • This year sees more glitz and glam with special guest DJ/Producer due, Saison (No Fuss Records)
  • Guest list is a must and you can register for free here
  • Expect the full team of residents Flambé, Steve Bell, Steve Power, James Farley and Steve Durban-Haines

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