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50 Best Free SEO Tools for Supercharging Your Website

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) remains a critical factor for driving organic traffic to websites. From keyword research and on-page optimisation to backlink analysis and performance tracking, having the right tools in your arsenal can make a world of difference. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve curated the 50 best free SEO tools that can help you enhance your website’s visibility, rankings, and overall online presence.

Keyword Research:

1. **Google Keyword Planner:** Discover search volume, competition, and trends for targeted keywords.
2. **Keyword Surfer:** Get keyword ideas, search volumes, and backlink data directly in Google search results.
3. **Ubersuggest:** Find keyword suggestions, search volumes, and competitor insights.

On-Page Optimisation:

4. **Yoast SEO:** Optimise content with real-time analysis and suggestions for better on-page SEO.
5. **SEMrush SEO Writing Assistant:** Get recommendations to improve content’s readability, SEO, and originality.
6. **Screaming Frog SEO Spider:** Crawl your website for technical SEO issues and optimisation opportunities.

Technical SEO:

7. **Google Search Console:** Monitor website performance in Google search and identify indexing issues.
8. **Bing Webmaster Tools:** Similar to Google Search Console, but for Bing search engine.
9. **GTmetrix:** Analyse website speed and performance to enhance user experience.

Backlink Analysis:

10. **Google Search Console:** Track and analyse your website’s backlinks and referring domains.
11. **MOZ Link Explorer:** Explore backlinks, anchor text, and domain authority of any website.
12. **Ahrefs Backlink Checker:** Analyse backlink profiles and discover new linking opportunities.

Content Optimisation:

13. **AnswerThePublic:** Find content ideas by visualising search queries as word clouds.
14. **Google Trends:** Explore trending topics and insights to create timely and relevant content.
15. **BuzzSumo:** Discover the most shared content on social media for any topic.

Local SEO:

16. **Google My Business:** Manage your business listing and enhance local search visibility.
17. **MOZ Local Listing Score:** Check your business’s online presence across various platforms.

Rank Tracking:

18. **Google Search Console:** Monitor your website’s rankings and search performance over time.
19. **SERPWatcher:** Track keyword rankings and get insights into search trends.

Competitor Analysis:

20. **SEMrush:** Analyse competitors’ organic and paid search strategies.
21. **SimilarWeb:** Compare website traffic, sources, and engagement metrics.

Mobile Optimisation:

22. **Google Mobile-Friendly Test:** Evaluate your website’s mobile-friendliness and receive improvement suggestions.
23. **PageSpeed Insights:** Get insights on mobile and desktop page loading times.

Technical SEO:

24. **Screaming Frog SEO Log File Analyser:** Analyse log files to uncover crawl and indexing issues.
25. **Google PageSpeed Insights:** Identify opportunities to improve website speed and performance.

Local SEO:

26. **MOZ Local:** Manage and maintain consistent business listings across multiple platforms.

Schema Markup:

27. **Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool:** Check and validate structured data markup on your website.
28. **Schema Markup Generator:** Create structured data markup for rich snippets and enhanced search results.

Link Building:

29. **Hunter:** Find email addresses for outreach and link-building efforts.
30. **Check My Links:** Identify and fix broken links on your website for a better user experience.

Content Creation:

31. **Grammarly:** Enhance your content’s quality and correctness.
32. **CoSchedule Headline Analyser:** Craft compelling headlines for higher click-through rates.

Image Optimisation:

33. **TinyPNG:** Compress images without sacrificing quality to improve page loading times.

Social Media Integration:

34. **Social Sharing Debugger:** Ensure proper display of content when shared on social media.

Site Audits:

35. **Woorank:** Perform a comprehensive SEO audit of your website.

Local SEO:

36. **BrightLocal’s Local SEO Check-up:** Analyse and audit your local SEO efforts.

Structured Data Testing:

37. **Google’s Rich Results Test:** Test and preview how your content appears as rich search results.

Rank Tracking:

38. **AccuRanker:** Track keyword rankings accurately and monitor search performance.

Mobile Optimisation:

39. **Mobile-Friendly Test by Bing:** Check your website’s mobile compatibility on Bing.

Technical SEO:

40. **Varvy SEO Tool:** Analyse multiple aspects of your website’s technical SEO.

Local SEO:

41. **Local SEO Checklist:** Access a comprehensive checklist for improving local SEO.

Structured Data:

42. **Structured Data Markup Helper:** Create structured data markup for specific content.

Link Building:

43. **LinkMiner:** Discover backlink opportunities and broken links on any webpage.

Content Ideas:

44. **Google Alerts:** Get notifications when new content related to your keywords is published.

Social Sharing:

45. **ClickToTweet:** Create easily shareable tweetable snippets within your content.

Local SEO:

46. **Local SEO Simulator:** See how your website would appear in local search results.

Rank Tracking:

47. **SERP’s Keyword Rank Checker:** Monitor your website’s rankings on various search engines.

Technical SEO:

48. **Varvy’s Mobile SEO Tool:** Analyse mobile-friendliness and page speed on mobile devices.

Local SEO:

49. **Whitespark’s Google Review Link Generator:** Create direct links for customers to leave Google reviews.

Structured Data:

50. **Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator:** Generate structured data code for rich snippets.


These 50 free SEO tools cover a wide range of aspects, from keyword research and on-page optimisation to technical SEO and local SEO strategies. By leveraging these tools, you can gain valuable insights, optimise your content, improve your website’s performance, and ultimately boost your online visibility. Remember that while these tools are powerful, the key lies in implementing the insights they provide and continuously refining your SEO strategy to stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape.


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